Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Conversation of the Day

From Mark --

Me "I love you Mark"

Mark "Mommy, I don't like pretty words... and love is a pretty word."

Me "So what kind of words do you like" (fighting back laughter)

Mark "Cool words"

Me "ohhhhhh what kind of words are cool?" (still stifling laughter--he was oh so serious)

Mark "like race cars, and stuff"

I'm shaking my head typing this. I guess the quest to be "cool" has begun... at four...

To end the conversation I laughed and said "well, buddy, I can't help it. I love you." and he was silent.


bellebearberry said...

I was reading this and thinking -
you know what would be sooo neat - to start something special with him -
Mark, I race car you. And only you and he would know what it means. It may go really far with him someday.

Rebecca said...

Awww that is a cute idea! Thanks!!

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